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1. USE OF ENGLISH. Elija la respuesta correcta.

1. He won’t ________ you anything. He’s rather mean.

a) lend b) borrow c) let d) spend2. If the traffic ________ so bad, I________ late.

a) hadn’t been / wouldn’t have arrived b) haven’t been / wouldn’t arrive
c) hadn’t been / didn’t arrive d) wouldn’t be /hadn’t arrive

3. That photo________ my school days.

a) reminds me b) remembers me to
c) remembers me d) reminds me of

4. Her wounds were so serious that the doctorsdidn’t________us to visit her at the hospital.

a) let b) make c) allow d) able

5. Emma decided________a new skirt.

a) buying b) not buy c) not to buy d) buy

6. It________strange. It’ssour and juicy.

a) smells b) feels c) looks d) tastes

7. Which if the following verb endings sounds differently?

a) loved b) complained c) filled d) looked

8. Ilost my job. Now I’m________.

a) disemployed b) unemployed c) inemployed d) employless

9. I________ride a bike until I was eight years old.

a) couldn’t b) mustn’t c) won’t d)shouldn’t

10. What are your plans for the evening? I________tennis with Ralph.

a) play b) am playing c) will play d) would play

11. He didn’t give me________money.

a) ab) many c) any d) a lot

12. Sara and Thomas broke________ so they called the wedding________.

a) on / up b) up / off c) up / up d) off / out

13. “I’ve posted your mail”, hetold me. He told me________my mail.

a) he’d post b) he’d posted c) he’s posted d) he posted

14. He won’t be away for long, ________?

a) isn’t he b) he will c) would he d) willhe

15. She won’t be able to pay the rent________she finds a new job.

a) unless b) after c) as soon as d) if

2. READING COMPREHENSION. Lea el siguiente texto y conteste a...
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