Democracia en rusia

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Topic A: Impact of government transition to democracy
Country: Russian Federation

Democracy is a universal value with a lot of importance to the United Nations,this is based on the will of people to determine their own situation and to participate in all the aspects of their lives including economic, social, cultural and political issues.

Russia has hadlittle experience of a democratic government. Since 1980 there have been attempts to establish a system of government combining a strong central government with democracy and a federal system.Gorvachev threw the first one, it did not work because the monopolistic party was refused and the non-Russian republics decided for his withdrawal.
The next was organised by Boris Yeltsin, who was electedpresident with 57% of the vote, becoming the first popularly elected president. The Communist Party was much reduced in influence. An entirely new constitution was imposed in 1993, which intended togive influence to the centre and to the representatives, but to contain them with a structure controlled by the president. This constitution gave stability to Russia.

Democracy occurred when thelevel of technological development of Western civilization gave access to the basic needs: education, health care and information. An additional degree of freedom is given by every new invention. Themore smarter and efficient Russia’s economy is, the better the quality of life of the citizens, the political system and the society are freer, fairer and more humane.

Russian political leaderswill be the parliamentary parties, which will periodically replace each other in power. The parties made by them will choose the federal and regional executive authorities (and not the other wayaround). They will nominate the candidates. They will have interaction with voters, inter-party cooperation and propositions to solve social problems. People of different nationalities and diverse groups...
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