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21/01/10Vazquez Massimini Patricio

Density is an very interesting factor that governs many live rules, in other words density is in all the objects that have amountof mass in a volume, we have studying how density works and we find things that we don’t even expected or imagine, here you will se my final product in which contains a complete and satisfactory work,or unless my goal, my purpose is to close this topic with no other questions, I mean, to have all clear in my mind and more than memorize it to really learn it so I can have it during all my live asa tool, this lab report contains many facts such as graphic between the mass and volume witch those ones make density exist, also it contains personal objective conclusion and experience during thelab. Also it contains a real prove of density effect that my team do to understand it better, that all I want to say, I hope you join it .

I think that my objective is to understand one hundred percentdensity, but not only the meaning of the word, also how this works and witch effects it do, also I could say that my objective would be to have a nice works an interest of the same because I thinkthat the key to learn is to have interest and concentration and as a result you have a good conclusion.

If volume increase density increase to.
Density and matter are different thingsMaterials:
100 ml graduated cylinder
5 balls of plastilina

First we saw a video of density and the effects that it do, we have to fill empty spaces with the correct...
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