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JCE Classroom Activity: #97

Student Activity

The Sweeter Side of Density
Solids, liquids, and gases have two relatively simple properties: mass, which is a measure of how much “stuff ”, ormatter, there is in the sample, and volume, which is a measure of how much space the sample occupies. With the proper tools, these two properties can be measured. In this Activity, you will measurethese properties for different concentrations of sugar solutions. You will measure mass in grams (g) using a balance and volume in milliliters (mL) using a graduated cylinder. The ratio of stuff (mass)to space (volume) is density. For example, pure water has a density of approximately 1 g/mL at room temperature. Approximately 1 mL of water would have a mass of approximately 1 g. Density is anintensive property. That is, no matter how much water there was, whether 1 mL or 1000 mL, it would always have the same density at a particular temperature. mass stu Density volume space
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Certain liquids simply do not mix. For example, when oil and water are combined, the two substances remain separated. The two substances are immiscible and do not form a homogeneousmixture. Instead, the substances layer according to their densities, with the less dense liquid on top. Other liquids such as plain water and sugar water are miscible and mix easily to form a homogenoussolution. While they have different densities they can still mix and form a solution that is the same throughout. In this Activity, you will first determine the densities of various sugar solutions.Then, your challenge is to take these miscible solutions and devise a way to combine them so that they remain as separate layers.

Try This
You will need: two 10 mL graduated cylinders, droppers,balance, food coloring, stirring rod, and three or more sugar solutions provided by your instructor. __1. Prepare a table to record the mass and volume of each sugar solution and for calculating each...
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