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BEA WebLogic Server Configuration Reference


An application represents a J2EE application contained in an EAR file or EAR directory. The EAR file contains a set of components such as WAR, EJB, and RAR connector components, each of which can be deployed on one or more Targets. A target is a server or a cluster. If the application is provided as a standalone module,then this MBean is a synthetic wrapper application only.


The path to an Enterprise application (EAR) the location of the EAR file or the root of the EAR if it is unarchived. e.g. Path="myapps/app.ear" is valid. If the application is a standalone module, then the path is the parent directory of the module. For example, if the module is located at myapps/webapp/webapp.war, thePath="myapps/webapp" is correct, whereas Path="myapps/webapp/webapp.war" is incorrect.

Indicates whether this application is being staged. Staging involves distributing the application files from the admin server to the targeted managed servers staging directory. This attribute is used to override the managed
server's StagingMode attribute.

Child Elements


The top level interface for all configuration information that WebLogic Server maintains for an EJB module.


Provides methods for configuring a J2EE web application that is deployed on a Weblogic Server instance. WebLogic Server instantiates this interfaceonly when you deploy a web application. This interface can configure web applications that are deployed as a WAR file or an exploded directory.


Provides the interface used to configure a Web service that is deployed on a Weblogic Server instance. A Web service is a special kind of J2EE Web Application that contains an additional deployment descriptor,web-services.xml, that describes the Web service. Because a Web service is packaged as a J2EE Web application, its component MBean is the same as that of a Web application, and thus simply extends the WebAppComponentMBean interface, adding no new methods. WebLogic Server instantiates this interface only when you deploy a Web service. This interface can configure Web services that are deployed as WAR filesor exploded directories.

Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server



Deploys or redeploys an application or module.

java [SSL Arguments] weblogic.Deployer Connection Arguments [User Credentials Arguments] -deploy [[-name] deployment_name] [-source] file [-plan file] [-targets target_list] [-submoduletargets target_list] [-upload] [-stage |-nostage | -external_stage] [-retiretimeout seconds] [-library [-libspecver version] [-libimplver version]] [-altappdd file] [-altwlsappdd file] [-securityModel] [-enableSecurityValidation] [-id task_id]-name deployment_nameIf a deployment name is not explicitly identified with the deploy command, the name is derived from the specified deployment file or directory: § WebLogic10.3,For an archive file, the default deployment name is the full name of the archive file with the file extension. For example, for deploying myear.ear, the default deployment name is myear.ear.§ WebLogic 8 y 9,For an archive file, the default deployment name is the name of the archive file without the file extension (myear for the file myear.ear).-source fileSpecifies the archive file or explodedarchive directory to deploy. You can omit the -source option and supply only the file or directory to deploy.-targets target_listIf you do not specify a target list with the -deploy command, the target defaults to:§ The Administration Server instance for new deployments.§ The application's current targets for deployed applications.If you do not specify a deployment name at deployment time, the...
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