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* Invade: /send/ verb / Make a person go somewhere / I sent for bread.
* Fax: /fæks/ substantive / A device that can transmit through the phone cord documents, photographs and texts / isessential to install a fax at our office.
* Write: /raɪt/ verb / Represent concepts or ideas through letters or conventional symbols / today I wrote apoem at school.
*Online: /[ɒn'laɪn] / substantive / Join or contact between two parts of a mechanical or electrical / cables connect easily.
* Journal: / ˈdʒɜːrnlʲ / substantive / Periodical for notebooks, photographs and sometimes with articles on various subjectsor on one particular / the journal of economics, science is very good.
* Post:/pəʊst/ verb / Mandar, send something to a person or place / send mybusiness history.
* Something: / ˈsʌmθɪŋ/ adverb/ It also denotes undetermined amount or intensity, or part of a thing. / I have some sleep.
* Message: / ˈmesɪdʒ/ substantive / Word by word or in writing that a person sends to another / if I'm not, you can leave a message on the answering machine.
* Log:/lɔːɡ / substantive /Strong stem and clump of trees and shrubs / we will makea bonfire of these logs.
* Account:/əˈkaʊnt/ substantive/ In accounting, record sums are payable or receivable / today opened an account forfacebook.
* Call: /kɔːl/ substantive / Action and outcome of call / received a congratulatory call yesterday.
* Pay:  /peɪ/ verb/ Giving someone money you are owed or rightful / tomorrow I have to pay money to a friend.
* Phone: /fəʊn/ substantive/Means of communication, through a set of equipment and conveyor systems, transmitsound as remote electromagnetic signal / damage the phone to me last night.
* Look:  /lʊk/ substantivo / Stare at an object / a girl I look at my eyes.
* Information: / ˈɪnfərˈmeɪʃən / Action and result reporting or information / gave me very detailed information.
* Up: /ʌp/ adverb/A high, upward / going up but then a moment go down.
* Dictionary: / ˈdɪkʃəneri /substantive / Book in which, generally alphabetical order, are contained and defined all the words ofone or more languages ​​or a particular subject or discipline /in  reverse dictionary wordsare ordered by their completion.
* Watch: /wɑːtʃ / verb /perceive objects through the eyes through the action of light / I see the indication ofentry into the highway.
* Line:  /laɪn/substantive/ Raya, thin, thin trace
* Forum:  / ˈfɔːrəm/ substantive / Plaza of the ancient Roman cities where public affairs were treated and used for legal trials / in the ruins of the city were distinguished forum and the main streets.
* Leave:  /liːv/ /Forget something somewhere / leave the umbrella at home .
Voice mail
* Start:  /stɑːrt/ verb / Start a thing, start / career and started.
* Say: /seɪ/ verb /That said, saying, witty or sententious / has a most peculiar sayings.
* Hello: /həˈləʊ/interjection/ expression used to say hello / hello how are you friend.
* Who:  /huː/pronoun / Always refers to a person already mentioned or implied / the person who told you about.
* You:  /juː/ pronoun /Shape pron. pers. pers. second person singular, as in the sentence serves as the subject and vocative / you owe me homework.
* Are:  /ɑːr / pronoun / companion of the pronoun is to be or be / you are in my house.
* Me: /miː/ pronoun / adj. pos. pers. sing. and pl. APOC. of mine, / My, as, which always precedes nouns / my house is beyond.
* Bye: /baɪ/ substantive / that used to saygoodbye / goodbye and good luck!.
* Busy: / ˈbɪzi/ adjetive / Fill a space or time / laura is too busy at work.
* Contact: / ˈkɑːntækt / substantive / Person who serves as liaison / tatiana has many contacts in his cell.
* List: /lɪst/substantive / Enumeration of persons, things, quantities, etc.., Which is made with a specific purpose /make a list of things to buy.
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