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The way that women have had to travel for equal opportunity as human beings, has been long and difficult, but in nowadays things really changed, Gilles Lipovetsky, one of the most important sociologists of our time, has stated as follows:"No doubt that no social upheaval of our time has been so deep, so fast, so pregnant with future as women's emancipation. Although the outcome ishardly glorious century in terms of respect for human rights, who will question his size mostly positive with respect to the evolution of women? The great century of women, which has revolutionized more than any other destination and identity, is the twentieth century. Whatever the progress on the horizon, is unlikely to exceed that in this field, which democratic societies have witnessed duringthe last decades."

To get to the role that women have today, first opening towards the education and then into the workforce, has had to overcome many obstacles, but there is still much to be done, for example in the political arena as President, now the woman has had to defend his rights in all situations by passing different to that of men, the most important: motherhood.

To give an ideathat both women have fought to have the rights they now enjoy, it is important to know how things went years ago and know that every woman should focus on: understanding the past to assess the present and continue fighting for a better future.

The second point to check is the work of the minors, which has been increasing dramatically in recent years, most of the times is the lack of jobs foradults, who in their desperation to receive an income in their households are in need of sending their young children to any profitable business, however small the salary is, without first being sure that working conditions are favorable, and the rights of children are respected, that's very important that the whole community know in what conditions minors should work and also what are its rights,both the people who can employ, as the parents before send them to work.

Minor’s work:
When speaking of child labor throughout history is necessary to differentiate between two modes:

* The work within the family structure and unpaid work: helping with household chores or working in craft or agricultural work (developed mainly by young girls in the first case and by children in thesecond.
* Paid work outside the home, with family debt bondage as its worst.

Throughout the history of child labor within the family structure has been majority and has not necessarily a negative connotation. Instead, it was often the way to help the children learn to be assuming the responsibilities progressively later as adults would, absorbing domestic skills, craft or agricultural parent.The minors were educated within their home precisely where they needed to acquire knowledge to survive in the society of his time. If the treatment was free from abuse and the work took place under difficult conditions, the process certainly was educational and rewarding.

Keep in mind that employment options in antiquity erean very different possibilities in today's society. Labor mobility waslimited, conditioned by social class to which they belonged or natural resources available, especially in rural areas, the vast majority.

At present there are still proponents of this type of work, forgetting the radical change that has occurred worldwide and the major limitation is illiteracy and poor schooling, to the extent that closes the doors to the written culture, today essential dayto aspire to any advancement in any productive sector.

On the other hand, work outside the family structure, almost always miserably paid or slave, has always been a form of exploitation, with no counterpart training or any other type. This type of work, affecting a greater or lesser proportion of children in every society, regulated or not, under better or worse, usually harsh and sometimes...
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