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THIS AGREEMENT, made on the________________ day of __________, 1998 by and between THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, a corporation of the State of California, hereinafter called "University", and __________________ hereinafter called "Consultant",


WHEREAS, University wishes to retain Consultant to furnish professionalservices as authorized and directed under the following terms and conditions and
WHEREAS, University desires to employ Consultant from time to time for such services:
NOW, THEREFORE, University and Consultant agree as follows:
The term of this Professional Services Agreement shall be three years from the date first above written unless terminated earlier, as hereinafter provided.2. BASIC SERVICES BY CONSULTANT
University will issue a written authorization designating the specific services desired. The Authorization shall be executed by the University and the Consultant prior to commencement of work. Each such authorization will state the particular facilities concerned, the services to be performed, the schedule for their completion, and the estimated cost ofsuch services. Consultant shall not extend the scope of the work nor permit the cost of his/her services to exceed such estimate without prior written approval from University. The "Not to Exceed" figure will be the total project fee including all necessary consulting services, subconsulting fees, printing, graphics, travel and other expenses as set forth in the Consultant's accepted proposal orotherwise authorized by the University. Upon receipt of an authorization, Consultant shall perform such services as are set forth in the Authorization, which may include but are not limited to the following:
a. Consult and meet with and advise persons designated by University and prepare and provide such surveys, studies, reports, calculations, recommendations, sketches, budgetary cost data orother services as authorized and directed as will enable University to decide upon the general concept and overall plan for the specified facilities.
b. Retain and discharge, as directed by University, special consultants for performance of designated services.
Unless otherwise indicated, University shall make monthly payments to Consultantfollowing receipt of Consultant's invoice for work completed during that month. Separate invoices shall be submitted for each Authorization issued. The Authorization will specify fee payments by one of the following options:
a. Fixed Fee
If the University and Consultant have agreed on a Scope of Work and a Proposal for Services, the Authorization may be written to provide a specificservice at a definite fee. When this option is used, the University may elect to allow partial payments for work in progress. The fixed fee shall include all subconsultants fees and reimbursable costs. Reimbursable cost is defined as items identified in paragraphs 3.d., 3.e., 3.f., and other items as specifically stipulated in each written authorization issued by University.
b. Fee Schedule1). If the University has pre-approved a schedule of hourly rates, hereinafter referred to as Exhibit "A", to be paid for time spent by principals and employees of Consultant, the Authorization may be written to invoice for project time per that schedule. Exhibit A may be revised during the term of this Agreement to reflect changes in prevailing rates, subject to the approval of theUniversity.
2). The invoice shall include a cost breakdown similar to the following format:
PROJECT NAME____________________CONTRACT NO. (AE#) _________
AUTHORIZATION NO.________ INVOICE NO._________ DATE__________
BILLING PERIOD FROM______________________ TO_________________
|Name of |Job |Hours Worked |Hourly |Extension...
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