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  • Publicado : 25 de diciembre de 2010
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Monday 12 October

I now hang out after high school and went home did my homework
ate rest and wake up after a while Ileft wing street
at 9.30 and told me
my cousins invited me to dinner I went to bathe
and went to dinner
I get home wings11.30
and I slept

Tuesday October 13

high school today I was leaving the school we went for a walk
in the car of a fellowhector
school good the ride was over until 4.30
so it came to my house ate did the homework and I saw a while televiciontoday went out for a while I did nothing in particular
so I slept early

Wednesday October 14

I hang out today wereprepared to take a river
in the car of a colleague from 2.30
until 8.30 comes home and dine ami
I bathe and went to sleepThursday, October 15

I hang out today were prepared to take a river
in the car of a colleague from 8.30
to 10.30 come homeand dine ami
I bathe my cousins told me
and invited me vandolera
11.30 am arrived for my
ami come home and 5.00 in themorning only bathe me and I left high school wing

Friday, October 16

left wing high school today
I went outearly
my dad's house wing
weekends as he helped on the farm
now lost two Calves
so I had to look and I slept till 4.30 am
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