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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2011
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Differences between Power and Authority
“Gladiator Movie”
Power and authority. Two concepts that can sound similar for most of the people, but the reality are totally different. The truth is thatboth concepts can be related or can be together hand by hand.
First, authority is the power exercised by a person authorized by an institution or reason as some functions that are generallyrecognized. Is the ability to impose orders by force, is linked to power.
On the other hand the power can have multiple definitions and uses. The word is used to refer to the faculty, facility or power todo something. Power also means having more power than someone and beat him in a physical fight or an argument.

Anyway, power is related to the government of a country or the instrument that hasthe power that a man gives to another so he can represent him or does something for him.
A clearly example of this, can be seen in the movie of “Gladiator”. In the movie we saw that the emperor ofRome “Marco Aurelio” had the authority over his people, but not the power to control them, he know what he considered to be good for them but not what they wanted for their own. The same thinghappened with his son Commodus, he wanted the power and the authority, but he only gained the authority that he stole from his father but he hadn’t had the power to decide the future of his people. Thepower was in charge of the people, because they decided what they wanted to do, to save the gladiator or let him die. At the end they were the ones who decided. But also the gladiator has the power, hedidn’t have the authority, but he had the power to decide what he wanted to do with his people and with himself, he decided that he wanted revenge and the only one who can decide that was he andhimself.
I saw in the movie that authority is the powers to make someone make somethig that you want, even thought he doesn’t want to make it, to do things by force. And power is won based on their...
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