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Set of legal norms that regulate the external conduct of men in society
The legal rule is a rule of human behavior or management issued by the competentauthority of the case, with a criterion of value and whose failure brings with it a penalty.
The constitution or charter is the fundamental law, written or otherwise, ofa sovereign state or organization, established or accepted to govern it. The constitution defines the limits and relations between the branches of government and between them and their citizens, thusestablishing the basis for government and for the organization of the institutions in which such powers are based. This document seeks to ensure the people their rights and freedoms.
Warranty word denotes something that protects against any risk. through the population guarantees individuals asserting their rights against state power.
individualguarantees protect all people who are in Mexican territory.
The legal obligation in law is the legal relationship in which two parties are tied, the debtor mustcomply with a provision for compulsory. The benefit may be to give, do or not do, having to be in the first two cases as possible, lawful and within the trade. The law of obligations is the branch oflaw that deals with everything related to legal obligations.
A contract is a voluntary agreement, verbal or written, expressed in common between two or more persons withcapacity to undertake thereunder, regulating their relations for a particular purpose or anything, and may compel compliance with which so Conversely, if the contract is bilateral, or coercing a party to theother, if the contract is unilateral.
This instrument is the fact, human, conscious and voluntary or lawful, which aims to provide immediate legal relationships between...
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