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Oraciones simples
Expresiones afirmativas u oraciones nucleares:
Sujeto + verbo principal + complemento
He is an architect.
She has a headache.
They want to buy vegetables.
The cat chases awaymice.
Seals live in the poles.
My grandfather plays chess.
Pollution is bad for life in general.
Oraciones interrogativas simples (donde el verbo requiere de auxiliar)xx:
Aux. +Sujeto + verbo +complemento
Does the cat chase away mice?
Do Seals live in the poles?
Does my grandfather play chess?
Do they want to buy vegetables?
Oraciones interrogativas simples con verbos auxiliares(defectivos...):
Verb. aux. + sujeto + complemento
Is he an architect?
Is pollution bad for life in general?
Can they speak Japanese?
Are you very sick?
Would you like to drink something now?Oraciones interrogativas (usando palabras o adverbios de interrogación):
Adv. interrg. + aux. (verb. Aux.) + sujeto +complemento (verb+...)
What do you do?
What does she do?
Where do you come from?
Whatcan I do for you?
What do you want?
When are they going to travel?
How do you pronounce this word?
Why does the child cry?
Who does she love really?
What is the time?
Respuestas afirmativaslargas:
Adv. de afirm. +sujeto +verbo ppal. +complemento
Yes, he is an architect.
Yes, seals live in the poles.
Respuestas afirmativas cortas:
Adv. de afirm. + sujeto + aux. (verbo aux...)
Yes, heis.
Yes, my grandfather does.
Yes, seals do.
Respuestas negativas cortas:
Adv. de neg. + sujeto +aux. (verb. aux...)+NOT
No, he is not (isn´t).
No, my grandfather does not (doesn´t).
No, sealsdo not (don´t).
Respuestas negativas largas:
Adv. de neg. +sujeto +aux.(...) +complemento
No, seals don´t live in the poles.
No, my grandfather doesn´t play chess.
No, he isn´t an architect.| one | 1st | first |   |
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