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My daily activities
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In the morning
I wake up, I get up at 4:00 am, I get dressed in my bedroom, I comb my hair,eat breakfast at 4:30 am, I go to the bathroom, I brush my teeth, I leave the home, I take the bus at 5:00am for go to theschool. I get to the school at 6:45, in the school of 7-9 I go to the English class in the mediateca, after, I go to thebiology class of 9-11, to leave my class, I go to eat in the cafeteria and finally I go to the history class.

In the afternoonI go out the school at 1:30 pm, I take the subway and after I take the bus for go to the my home, I come home at 4:00 pmroughly, I eat lunch, I brush my teeth, I go clean the table, I wash the dishes, also I clean my room, after, I do myhomework, I go read, I chat with my friends and check e-mail, I talk on the phone with my friend, I take a nap in my room, I listento music and sometimes I watch TV.

At night
I make dinner and I eat dinner, I brush my teeth, I wash the dishes, I getundressed for take a shower, after, I get dressed, later, I watch TV on channel 5 “Smallville” and “Doctor House” with mysister, sometimes I go out with my friends, and finally, I take a shower, I go to bed, sometimes I read a book and I sleep.
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