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|UNIT 2: Rules and Regulations. |
|UNITPURPOSE: |The purpose of this unit is to enable students to interpret and discuss rules and regulations and warning signs/notices, as well as to |
| |express obligation.|
|AIM: |Have students identify the signs and prohibitions that are around.|
|SOCIAL PRACTICE: |Giving warnings and stating prohibition. |FUNCTION OF THE LANGUAGE: |Students canrecognize and understand quotidian |
| | | |texts.|
|TOPIC: |Recognizing public signs and prohibitions. |
|GROUP:|3o “B” |
|MATERIAL: Board, Notebook and Pencil.|INTERACTION: Group. |

Good morning guys. How are you? Well, I am happy to be here. I am the teacher -------------------. I willbe your teacher for this day. Do you understand me? How do you prefer I speak to you in English or Spanish? Well, I prefer speak both, to give instructions in English and then in Spanish. I am goingto name you, please come here and take your gaffete. Well now we are going to begin with a question "what is a signal"? A sign is a symbol, a gesture or other reports or alerts sign of something....
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