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These easy step-by-step tutorials introduce you to the Minitab environment and provide a quick overview of some of Minitab’s most important features. Each of the tutorials are designed to explain the fundamentals of using Minitab—how to use the menus and dialog boxes, how to manage and manipulate data and files, how to produce graphs, and more. There are five successivetutorials:

Session One: Minitab Basics

Session Two: Doing a Simple Analysis

Session Three: Advanced Minitab

Session Four: Quality Control and Improvement

Session Five: Designing an Experiment

Session One: Minitab Basics

Overview of Session One

The story

Clones are genetically identical cells descended from the same individual. Researchers have identified a single poplar clonethat yields fast-growing, hardy trees. These trees may one day be an alternative energy resource to conventional fuel.
Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University planted Poplar Clone 252 on two different sites: one site was by a creek with rich, well-drained soil, and the other site was on a ridge with dry, sandy soil. They measured the diameter in centimeters, height in meters, and dryweight of the wood in kilograms of a sample of three-year-old trees. These researchers want to see if they can predict how much a tree weighs from its diameter and height measurements.

Congratulations! You have been hired as data analyst for the project, and you will be performing the statistical analysis.

What you will learn

In Session One you will learn how to:

· open a worksheet·enter and edit data· save data· compute some basic statistics· do arithmetic · plot the data· compute a correlation coefficient· edit and add comments to the output· print and save your results
Time required

About 30 minutes.

Proceed to Step 1: Start Minitab.

Step 1: Start Minitab

· To start Minitab:
From the Taskbar, choose Start > Programs > Minitab 13 for Windows > Minitab.

Step2: Open a Worksheet

When you start Minitab, you begin with a new, empty project. You can add data to your project in many ways, but the most common way is to open a worksheet. Note that you are only copying the data from the worksheet to the project; any changes that you make to the data added to your project will not affect the original file.
In this session, you will use the filePOPLAR1.MTW. This file is one of the dozens of worksheets that are shipped with Minitab. Most of these worksheets are in the Data subdirectory or folder.

1 Activate the Project Manager by typing [Ctrl]+[I] or by clicking the Project Manager button on the toolbar.
2 Right-click on the Worksheets folder in the Project Manager and choose Open Worksheet.
3 Make sure the file type is Minitab (*.mtw) and thecurrent subdirectory is Data.
4 Click on POPLAR1.MTW and click Open. Verify dialog box.
5 If the Data window is not already visible, open it to view the columns in your worksheet: choose Window > POPLAR1.MTW or press [Ctrl]+[D].

This worksheet contains three variables, labeled Diameter, Height, and Weight. Each variable contains 15 observations
—all the data collected so far. Verify Datawindow.

Step 3: Enter Data from the Keyboard

The worksheet POPLAR1 contained the data collected so far, but you just received new observations from the field, and there are five new rows to enter.

1 Press until you reach the first blank cell in row 16 or, with your mouse, click on the first blank cell in row 16.
2 Make sure the data entry arrow points to the right. If it does not, clickon it to change its direction. Verify data window.
3 Type the following from left to right across each row:

1.52 [Enter] 2.9 [Enter] .07 [Ctrl]+[Enter]
4.51 [Enter] 5.27 [Enter] .79 [Ctrl]+[Enter]
1.18 [Enter] 2.2 [Enter] .03 [Ctrl]+[Enter]
3.17 [Enter] 4.93 [Enter] .44 [Ctrl]+[Enter]
3.33 [Enter] 4.89 [Enter] .52...