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Development Series
In developing the series of the last phase, notable concepts in material and geometric parameters on design for concrete drawings were obtained, also, the design calculations and finite element simulations. Similarly, development creates first the list of critical materials and components to be tested in the series of tests.
Similarly, at the end of the design plans inproduction processes and quality characteristics to be described, the structures, manufacturing drawings (NC programs), and working plans are available.
The final result of this phase is a complete product and the description of the process with all its details.
The next phases in Figure 2, are not included in the consideration of development, it exerts little influence on the nominal model ofinnovative development. In Figure 2, we follow the life cycle of products with a concept of maturity - maturing product - a process of maturation.

2.2 Model derivation and development of supporting tools for the integration of knowledge.
Due to the complexity of "knowledge" in the context of organizational development and production processes, it is useful to distinguish the analysis of knowledgeprocesses of different skill levels, Figure 5.
It can distinguish here between:
- Knowledge of database, enough knowledge required to master a topic.
- Relationship between quality and innovative management, the ability to apply knowledge to complex problems.
- Model the development process and structure of innovation, well-founded to develop knowledge about causal relationships and thespecific situation of the solutions of problems.

The individual levels are associated with different needs and prospects for technological support, organization and worker qualification
in the development process, only if the successful integration of different skill levels, the potential of knowledge of potential participants in the innovation process can be assigned.
The success of the processdepends on the exchange of knowledge at the intersection of the goals and personal interests.
All participants must be motivated to overcome the defensive strategies and develop solutions collectively.

The integration of knowledge, understood as a common understanding of concepts and contexts, functions as a basis for successful communication and coordination processes.
The selection ofdifferent strategies and tools for knowledge transfer depends on the nature of knowledge, the nature of the work task and the characteristics of the people involved.

Techniques for visualization of different areas of knowledge focus on a systematic collection and presentation of work undertaken and business.

 Figure 6 summarizes relations between quality and innovation management
and theirintegration in business administration. The quality and innovative management process can improve with the help of the normalization, but knowledge management is not yet a standardized process.
Thus, the processes require tools to improve corporate governance in order to increase their competitiveness.
However, these tools are available and quality management processes bring sufficient experience,which is crucial to address its process of innovation and knowledge management.
Essential to the implementation of Rapid Product Development is working together interdisciplinary experts from different scientific fields for the certification of
the development process, and shorten the product development cycles.
This applies especially to the introduction of the ERP system SyteLine and theintegration in relation to Customer Relationship Management System CRM
 in IT infrastructure.
Innovative Knowledge Management - Knowledge Base, Figure 7.

2.3 Models of development for the integration of knowledge
These include a summary of the technical cooperation needs mixed mode of development teams in a cooperative model, Figure 8.

The model defines the overall cooperation of the three...
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