Desastres de la naturaleza

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Schematic of a tsunami tsunami.Un [1] (Japanese tsu: 'port' or 'bay' and nami 'wave', literally means "harbor wave"), sometimes also called tsunami is a wave or a group high-energy wavesand size that occur when an extraordinary phenomenon vertically displaces a large mass of water. It is estimated that 90% of these phenomena are caused by earthquakes, in which case they are called,more precisely, of "tectonic tsunami."

The energy of a tsunami depends on your height (wave amplitude) and speed. The total energy discharged on a coastal area also depend on the number of peaks thatcarry the train of waves (in the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 there were 7 peaks). These waves removed a quantity of water much higher than the surface waves produced by the wind.
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What to do before ...?
- Identify a high place and several routes of escape (by foot and by car).
- If you live on the coast, find out what height above sea level and at whatdistance from the coast is home. Evacuation needs can be based on these parameters.
- An earthquake, a loud noise underground, or a rapid rise or fall of the tide are symptoms that can be approximated by atsunami.
- The whole family should know how to act, how to cut off gas, electricity and water, and emergency numbers that can be called if necessary.
- Establish a meeting place, if the family isscattered


Aerial view of Port au Prince. The city was destroyed after an earthquake in Haiti in 2010.Un earthquake, earthquake or earthquake also called (from the Greek "σεισμός" tremor)or earthquake [1] is a ground shaking produced by the collision of plates tectonics and the release of energy in the course of a sudden reorganization of the crust material to overcome the state ofmechanical equilibrium. The most important and frequently occur when the stored elastic potential energy released in the gradual deformation of rocks adjacent to an active fault plane, but can also...
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