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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Hi dear Jhon:
I heard that you are coming to Ecuador to work in our company. Let me tell you about working in the Administration office, everybody has a full timejob, we work forty hours a week maybe more. We don’t have a flextime schedule; we have to work from 8:00 to 5:30 but we must arrive for work 10 minutes early, we don’t have a specific break time, butwhen you are tired you can take a break from work and get some coffee. Our lunch time is from 12:30 to 2:00, you also can rest at this time. We can’t telecommute. You have to go on time in the officeevery day. Sometimes we have to work on weekends but this is once in a while.
Things here are very formal, men have to wear suits and ties and women have to wear dresses or skirts except on Fridays, wecan wear casual clothes. We don’t have a specific supervisor, our boss is the general manager, we have to call him by his title and last name, he is old that’s why he likes that. Our workmates aregreat; they don’t like to be called by their last names. All our workmates are very friendly.


A special event for me was the fifteen birthday party of my daughter.This happened a year ago. All my family helped a lot. My mother was cleaning the party’s room while my sisters were hanging all balloons around. I had to bring the cake from the bakery; it was verydifficult because I had to carry 10 cakes from the bakery to the party’s room. My wife was helping to my daughter with the dress and her hair style.
We went to the church and the priest blessed mydaughter, all family and friends were there. In the party while I was giving a speech the waiters were serving a glass of champagne. My mother also gave a beautiful speech, she said beautiful words for hergranddaughter, and everybody was listening to her. After that the party began, all guests were dancing especially Ecuadorian music, they were laughing and playing.
All people were dancing and...
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