Descripcion de la ciudad de boston (en ingles)

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Built in 1630, Boston is worldwide considered the major centre of culture, science and education. Not to mention also being the capital and largest city of the state of Massachusetts, where it issaid to be the economical and political centre of this particular region. Its own unique style often gives Boston the name of “New England”.
When you enter the city, you can first notice the highlyacademician atmosphere, very calm and peaceful, but also very colorful and full of life. From the streets you can see the brightly colored flowers emerging from flower pots hanging over the lamppostsand smell the sweet delicious scent all over the place. The order and cleanness of the streets are unbelievable, and we can see how respectful, tidy and caring the Bostonian population is, since theyare responsible for maintaining such wonderful neatness and its incredible beauty.
Boston is mostly characterized by its inimitable style, which mixes the past with the present. We can see this typeof architecture represented everywhere: from ancient churches and red brick sidewalks to glass towers. In several cases, architects accomplished to join past and present by placing strategically theglass buildings next to antique constructions, so we can see the old churches and buildings reflected onto the modern ones.
One key factor that makes this city so culturally rich in every way isits huge diversity of cultures. We can see this characteristic in languages, foods and philosophies all the way through Boston. What gathers all the foreigners in this particular town are two of themost famous, prestigious and with best reputation universities around the world, including Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, better known as M.I.T. Both of them arespecialized in sciences, so the city is considered one of the most important centers in the world of research, electronics, engineering, technology, finance and biotechnology.
The city has several...
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