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  • Publicado : 18 de diciembre de 2011
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Coach Carter is my favourite film, is an interesting film about basketball. But this film isn’t only a basketball film, because in the history talk about the education in USA and therespect. In the film, work a very great and famous actors as for exemple Samuel L. Jackson and Rob Brown. This film was directed by Thomas Carter in 2005.

The film is very funny for me, because Ilove basketball,and I’m very interested in. Since I have 10 years old, I play basketball. First I play in the team of my school (Col·legi Verd), my next team was CB Santa Eugenia, and my team now is CBMaristes. I think this team was my last team, because is the best team in Girona, and all the people in the roster, is very good and importants for me.

The Richmond Oilers was and school very bad,all the people in this school didn’t go to the university, this marks are very bad, and the 40 % in the future were thiefs and other terrible things. The situation was insoportable. The team ofbasketball in Richmond, was the same, all the people don’t respect the coach and this actitude was unacceptable. Ken Carter, was a very good coach of basketball, and Richmond was his old school, but whenhe go to school, was very good center. One day, Ken Carter decides to be the trainer of the team. When Carter start in the team, the players don’t accept his rules, but the team discover that they canimprove much to his side, and the relation improve. Ken Carter want change all the school, and he put very strict rules in the team, the players who accept this rules was the best and the coachbelieve in them. All the school improve considerably, and the basketball team win the league, but the important is that all the players and students study a lot and his marks was very good.

Later, 8 ofthe 12 players of the team, were graduated in the university, and 3 players play in the NBA, the best league of basketball in the world. This history is based in a real history, and the true is that...
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