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§ 121.801   Applicability.
This subpart prescribes the emergency medical equipment and training requirements applicable to all certificate holders operating passenger-carrying airplanes under thispart. Nothing in this subpart is intended to require certificate holders or its agents to provide emergency medical care or to establish a standard of care for the provision of emergency medical care.§ 121.803   Emergency medical equipment.
(a) No person may operate a passenger-carrying airplane under this part unless it is equipped with the emergency medical equipment listed in this section.(b) Each equipment item listed in this section—
(1) Must be inspected regularly in accordance with inspection periods established in the operations specifications to ensure its condition for continuedserviceability and immediate readiness to perform its intended emergency purposes;
(2) Must be readily accessible to the crew and, with regard to equipment located in the passenger compartment, topassengers;
(3) Must be clearly identified and clearly marked to indicate its method of operation; and
(4) When carried in a compartment or container, must be carried in a compartment or containermarked as to contents and the compartment or container, or the item itself, must be marked as to date of last inspection.
(c) For treatment of injuries, medical events, or minor accidents that mightoccur during flight time each airplane must have the following equipment that meets the specifications and requirements of appendix A of this part:
(1) Approved first-aid kits.
(2) In airplanes forwhich a flight attendant is required, an approved emergency medical kit.
(3) In airplanes for which a flight attendant is required, an approved emergency medical kit as modified effective April 12,2004.
(4) In airplanes for which a flight attendant is required and with a maximum payload capacity of more than 7,500 pounds, an approved automated external defibrillator as of April 12, 2004....
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