Design of cdb normalizer framework for 3d models

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Design of CDB Normalizer Framework for 3D Models

Visual Data Base, virtual environment, 3D models, Terrain Data Base, Standard CDB, Publisher, Run time Publisher, Visual.

Abstract. The Common Database (CDB) specification is an open synthetic environment database specification developed specifically to solve recurring database issues related to publishing speed, correlation anddatabase re-use. Although the CDB is a relatively new standard, its benefits are countless. It is for this reason that each day becomes more latent customer need to start working with this standard.

Despite all the needs that could be filled and all the problems could be solved by implementing the standard CDB, there is a major problem for which this standard is not yet common, the fact thatexisting databases are not compatible with this standard.

This article proposes the creation of a framework allowing the adaptation of existing databases to the standard CDB. Due to the complexity of the subject, this framework is divided in two, and terrain models. This article discusses the adaptation of the standard 3D models CDB.

1 2 Introduction

Over the years the term Visual Databaseincreasingly become popular, despite this, unfortunately it can not said that this is common or well defined as there is currently very little documentation on this subject, and definition of many terms is totally untrue that actually evolves over time, producing, thus, a notable lack of standards and formats in this area.

Therefore, the Visual Database modelling is often confusing and notsimple, not to mention the fact that then must be released, which leads to a fairly large investment of time, then most likely be modified to adapt the structure of the database for better performance in the display.

To improve this process, it is necessary to use a standard that simplifies the modelling work, simplify the work of publication, improvement and adaptation for better visual performance.Although there are currently several standards, there is a tendency of markets and companies to use their own format which is a major drawback for the overall development of visual databases.

This project talks about the standard CDB and the creation of a framework to migrate existing databases to the visual standard. Although the standard CDB is relatively young, avant-garde is thestandard that currently exists in the market, since it is the only purpose of a publisher in real time, providing benefits primarily in areas such as system maintenance and production time application.

A range of possibilities for use of the CDB would be standard in the first instance as technology improves the overall visual data base, as the standard improves with time and development of thecommunity, the lessons learned are incorporated into the new format, visual databases can be exchanged and shared between sight that are able to read this standard, the science would advance as it would eliminate redundant research and implementation.

This research aims to develop a framework for converting existing databases to the format visual CDB, taking into account all aspects that the standardposes.

3 Common Database Standard

CDB solves the long-standing database problems in the market related to database re-use, correlation, and publishing speed. Using CDB, developers may create databases which can be openly exchanged, quickly updated and stand the test of time. The value for the end user is represented in the form of speed of updates or changes to the database based on newrequirements, as well as the ability to add new clients without having to redesign the database or develop an entirely new database. This translates into faster updates, lower costs and a better simulation end product.[1]

CDB emerging as a potential global specification for the storage of simulator data. The militaries in the United Kingdom and Germany are looking at the CDB specification for...
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