Desintegracion familiar

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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2010
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Factory Representative: This small meeting has been done to report to them that we will construct a factory of production of paper that will be constructed near the river.Medicine priest: good I am opposed to that carries out the construction of the factory because this one was contaminating our rivers and there will be many lation of trees.
Unemployed tribe member 1:this one well that is constructed because I already have a lot of unemployed time and this one is a good opportunity for me, but with a condition of which the villagers of here we could take part inthe construction.
Unemployed tribe member 2: for my not serious one good that because I that is for the good of my tribe but it was contaminating our ecological zone.
Factory Representative: thisone well that distrust us but we want a good for you and the charitable one for you and we.
Medicine priest: but put to think them us were contaminating the river.
Unemployed tribe member 1: butthey were benefiting us very much.
Unemployed tribe member 2: If they would benefit us but they were felling our trees.
Factory Representative: If we the only thing that we want is a good and abetter future.
Medicine priest: but of that it forms.
Unemployed tribe member 1: if in that it forms.
Unemployed tribe member 2: you want to destroy our ecology.
Factory Representative: what wewant is a good future for you.
Medicine priest: if clear and of that it forms.
Unemployed tribe member 1: they want that we work out benefited.
Unemployed tribe member 2: always they say thesame thing and they never work out benefited.
Factory Representative: it is clear that they all will work out benefited.
Medicine priest: it is clear that we will work out benefited with the greatone contaminated that were leaving us.
Unemployed tribe member 1: if they say that we will work out benefited it is that like that it will be.
Unemployed tribe member 2: but put to think and they...