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The Thousand and One Nights

* Princess Scheherazade’s story
King Shahriyar’s wife’s betrayal filled him with hatred for all women.
Every night, motivated by vengeance and fear, he marries adifferent woman only to put her to death by morning.
Finally, a young woman, Scheherazade, devises a scheme to stop the bloodshed.
She weds the King, and on the first night of their marriage, shetells him a spellbinding story.
At daybreak, she still has not finished.
* Princess Scheherazade’s Story Cont’d
As the executioners await their orders, Scheherazade promises King Shahriyar that shewill finish the story that evening.
Captivated by the story, the King stays (stops) the order of execution.
That night Scheherazade finishes the first story but immediately starts another that isjust as exciting as the first.
In this way, she enthralls the King and prolongs her life for one thousand and one nights.
By the time she has finished her final story, almost three years have passed,and the King is in love with her and decides not to kill her.
* The Fisherman and the Jinnee
The Fisherman and the Jinnee” discusses the importance of appreciating people for their kindness.This message is shown in three interlocking stories.
In the main story, a fisherman frees a jinnee who is trapped in a bottle.
In return, the Jinnee plans to kill him.
The Jinnee is angry that hehas been trapped in the bottle for two hundred years
* The Jinnee’s Story
The Jinnee was one of several who rebelled against King Solomon, but was defeated by Solomon’s Vizier.
When the Jinneerefused to pledge Solomon’s obedience, Solomon had him imprisoned in a bottle that was tossed into the sea.
At first, the Jinnee vowed to bestow riches on whoever released him, but he was imprisoned solong that he grew angry and vowed to kill whoever released him.

* The Fisherman and the Jinnee
King Yunan and Duban the Doctor
King Sinbad and the Falcon
King Yunan tells his advisers...
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