Deviance and social control

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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Deviance and Social Control
The film deviance and social control engage an analytical sociological approach to deviance and social control in the modern society. The film demonstrates the effectthat criminal deviance has on the person’s life and social identity. Deviance is the behavior that violates the norms of a particular society. It is the result of man's life in society where there arelaws, rules and there is potential for the development of diversion. The deviation does not only have to do with the violation of laws or regulations, it also relates to the way people think, asmentioned in the film. If not controlled in time, by the institutions of social control, deviance behavior can lead to total chaos and a threat to the stability of those with political power and for thecommunity in general. As mentioned in the movie, the conflict perspective is a relative concept because, mostly, it takes into consideration the power, wealth, prestige and social position of the personbefore putting the person into institutions to control deviant behavior. However, not all individuals who violate rules or laws are classified as deviant, depends on the factors mentioned above. Butthose who do not belong to this hierarchy are rejected and marginalized, are forced to live a deviant.
Unfortunately, neither the government nor the dominant social group provides alternatives thatare appropriate to solve the problems of diverted or to be integrated, listened to and accepted by society, in other words, we do not welcome back to society those who have committed deviant actions.You may think that a certain amount of deviation can be allowed, since it provides the opportunity to demonstrate the patience and kindness of the dominant social group, creating programs to help theso-called deviant, and thus escape the responsibility to establish ways of life more fair, equitable and hide the flaws of economic and political system based on inequality. When there are groups...
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