Devolver tierra a bolivia

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“El canciller chileno Alfredo Moreno” indicated in his speech to the “Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA)-2011” that never in the history has a country given land back to the previous owner of the land, under agreement. This is not accurate at all.

There is the dispute that the agreement made in 1889 was not kept and Bolivia was forced to sign the agreement of 1904. The existence of aprevious agreement makes the claim of Chile weaker than they see it, under international precedent. This is exactly what they say is not the case. Here are some examples. Most recent examples are considered. There are more examples that are quite old. Even this should not be considered a weakness in our case. This kind of an issue does not occur every day and it can take many years to beresolve, as it has being our experience.

-Indian lands returned in the USA and Canada
-The recognition this year by Canada and Australia of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
- US considering signing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
- Israel returning land to Israel in 1967 after the 6 day war. “Land for Peace”
- Palestine and Israel.President of USA encourages return to the border of 1967.

Specific examples are below. The last two are the most important.

It should also be considered that Alfredo Moreno mentioned that the return of land would not be considered without some kind of compensation. They obviously want the Salar of Uyuni, in my opinion. They know what is there, better than we do.-------------------------------------------------

Saturday, 15 January, 2000, 01:58 GMT
Native Americans regain land

The US wanted to use any oil deposits to fuel its battleships |

By Washington Correspondent Richard Lister
The United States Government has promised to return more than 3,000 sq km of desert land to a Native American tribe in what will be thelargest transfer of its kind in more than 100 years.
The land, in the Western state of Utah, was requisitioned during World War I for its potentially valuable oil deposits - although it was never used.
The government had promised in 1882 that native people in Utah would own the area for all time.
The current deal, under which the Department of Energy has agreed to return the land to the Utetribe, has yet to be approved by Congress.
It is a complex agreement and requires the Utes to give up some of the sovereignty that an indian tribe would normally have over reservation territory.
Some of the land will be designated as a wilderness area which cannot be developed.
In addition, if the tribe does choose to exploit the oil resources, it will have to turn over part of the profits tothe government to help pay for the cleanup of an abandoned uranium mine, about 130km from their reservation.
Most of the $300m-cost of that project, though, is expected to be born by the government.
The Ute tribe has welcomed the return of the land. Indian leaders say it represents an important step in the right direction in the long and often shameful history of the US Government's treatmentof Native American peoples.

Courtesy of the State Records Center and Archives.
Reproducing prohibited without express permission from the State Records Center and Archives.

1970 - Restoration of Blue Lake to Taos PuebloHidden in the mountains of northern New Mexico lies Blue Lake or Ba Whyea, an ancient sacred site for the Taos Pueblo community. After the US government appropriated Blue Lake and the surrounding area and placed it under the control of the Forest Service, the ensuing battles for Blue Lake came to epitomize Native Americans’ struggle for religious freedom and protection of sacred land. A tribal...
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