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Things You'll Need:
* Computer
* Pen
* Paper
* Your mind
1. Step 1
Read over your essay and write the main objective of the essay at the top ofthe page on a sheet of paper.
2. Step 2
Read each paragraph carefully and summarize the main topic of each in a simple word or phrase. List these topics on the sheet of paper.
3. Step 3
Putthe first sheet of paper aside and explain what you are trying to convey through your essay out loud or in your head without looking at the essay or the list of topics. As you explain your pointnaturally and in your own words, jot down each topic you cover as you are going through your explanation on a separate sheet of paper.
4. Step 4
Compare the topic list from step 2 with the topic listfrom step 3, and change the order of your paragraphs to match the way that you would naturally explain your objective.
5. Step 5
Read through your essay from the beginning, with the paragraphsrearranged in the most natural order, pausing at the beginning of each new paragraph.
6. Step 6
Look at both the topic you have just finished discussing and the topic that is about to be discussed,and add a simple, clear transitional sentence at the beginning of each new paragraph to tie it into the previous paragraph. For example, say you are writing a paper about the success of "I Love Lucy,"and have just ended a paragraph about how the advanced filming techniques used on the show have contributed to its ongoing success. If the next paragraph will discuss the popularity of the show atthe time, then a reasonable transitional sentence might be: "While the success of the innovations that came out of "I Love Lucy" deserve a great deal of respect, the popularity of the show itself mustnot be overlooked."
7. Step 7
After placing transitional sentences at the beginning of each paragraph, read the essay from the beginning. If there is any place where the essay does not sound...
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