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Simple present
Affirmative senteces

1. I go to the party at night
2. I do my math homework every day
3. He goes to the park
4. She goes to the school
5. They have a exam today6. Peter goes to the party
7. Justin has a dog
8. Tom plays soccer
9. Laura works in U.S.
10. He watches play soccer all day

Negative sentences

1. She doesn’t work in U.S.2. He doesn’t do his homework
3. It doesn’t play with him
4. They don’t have money to play paintball
5. She doesn’t go to the school
6. We don’t run in the school
7. Justindoesn’t have a dog
8. Tom doesn’t play soccer
9. I don watch t.v. all day
10. They don’t have a exam today

Yes/no question with start answer

1. Do you drink mineral water?
Yes Ido
No I don’t
2. Do sarah and linda feed their pets?
Yes they do
No they don’t
3. Does your teacher check your homework?
yes he does
No he doesn’t
4. Do they live in the old house?Yes they do
No they don’t
5. Does the cat sit in the wall in the morning?
Yes it does
No it doesn’t
6. Does nina plays computer games?
Yes she does
No she doesn’t
7. Do your parentswatch tv in the afternoon?
Yes they do
No they don’t
8. Does your grandmother answer the phone?
Yes she does
No she doesn’t
9. Does andy do the shopping?
Yes he does
No he doesn’t
10.Do garry and ken have a cup of tea in the afternoon?
Yes they do
No they don’t

Simple past
Affirmative sentences
1. I drove my car to go at the school
2. I went to my father´s house3. He put his hand on the table to take a fruit
4. She took money thief
5. They flew in the airplane
6. I bought a apple for the teacher
7. I ate pizza on Sunday
8. She showed hernew car
9. I saw thief in the bus
10. They come late to school

Negative sentences

1. I didn’t buy today
2. I didn’t do the exam with Mr. polio
3. You didn’t do this homework...
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