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A. Put the words under the correct heading.
do the dishes son husband dining room cousin vacuum the carpet do the laundry walk-in closet balconyparents iron the clothes living room make the bed mother kitchen
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

B. Circle the correct words.1. Can you please take out the trash/carpet in the morning?
2. Those boots are very nice, but they’re really expensive/cheap.
3. Teachers don’t like it when students don’t do theirhomework/chores.
4. I like reading this magazine/CD because it’s about clothes and accessories.
5. This computer game has many rules/accessories.
6. She looks very stylish/ in fashion in that new dress.
7.This couch is too chubby/ comfortable and I love sitting on it.
8. Your car is too modern/ old-fashioned I think you need a new one.
9. It’s OK to have a little cake, but don’t match/ overdo it.GRAMMAR
A. Complete the sentences with Present Simple of the verbs in the parentheses.
1. Danielle________ (love) going to the movies with her friends.
2. Mark_______________ (not watch) TV whenhe gets home from school.
3. ____________ the girls’ ___________ (live) near the mall?
4. _____________ you ____________ (exercise) every day?
5. Brian _________ (play) soccer every Fridaynight.
6. ____________ your roommate ________ (help) you clean the house?
7. _______ your brother ________ (go) to college?
8. Betty_______________ (not plant) flowers in her yard on the weekends.9. All the colors in the bathroom______________ (match) with the colors in the living room.
B. Choose a, b, or c.
1. They don’t like playing soccer. It’s not for ___. 4. There are lots ofbooks in the ____bookcase
a. theirs b. them c. their a. children´s b.childrens’ c. children
2. Robin likes playing in ____ yard....