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4.- Roses
This formed by a well-known group of thorny and florid bushes, main representatives of the family of the rosy ones.
They come from central and western Asia, they exist 5000 species approximately, contained in 15 families
5.- Sunflowers
They are cultivatedfor food, seeds and oils, their name comes from the Greek "helium’s" that means sun
1. carnation
they need of very special environmentalconditions for their correct one I develop since it requires a high grade of humidity and high temperature.

10.- the irises
it is one of the flowersbut popular in the alone United, overcome Kingdom for the roses, globally they are the fourth flower but popular
9.- violets
he/she has anevasive scent in their flowers that it is a bigger component that the scent based on a made up of nail polish remover called ionone that you/theydesensitize the receivers temporarily in the nose
2.- iris
In time of drought the typical characteristic of that flower is that he/she has threepetals, often calls "standard."
8.- Flower of Easter
They are very popular plants, especially during the navidad, colored brilliantly, and their redbigger part.

6.- Gladiolus
it is also referred commonly as the sword iris, due to their leaves in sword form
7.- Cherry tree flowers
it isone of the flowers but beautiful due a sus
brilliant colors, during the arrival of the spring, they are some of the views that somebody can perceive
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