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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2011
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Ana lilia: hello this is ana lilia. Hussein speaking .

Andrea: do you have a table for a birthday for eight people, tomorrow night.Ana Lilia: at what time?

Andrea : at nine thirty, please.

Ana Lilia: I’ll repeat you. Tomorrow night, A birthday for eight people at nine thirty .may I have your name? Please

Andrea: Andréa Perez Chacon

Ana lilia: Good, I will see you tomorrow, Ms. Perez.

Elia : good evening. Do you have areservation?

Adriana: yes, we do.

Elia: may I have your name?

Andrea: my name is Andréa Perez Chacon

Elia: ok, the busboy will escort you.Adriana: excuse me , can we have that table by the window?

Elia Sure wait a moment please.

Hugo: good evening, here you are the menu. In onemoment the waitress will take your order.

Dennis: ok thank you

Hugo: would you like a drink while you are looking al the menu.

Dennis: yes, pleasecould I see the wine list?

Hugo: certainly, ma’am, here you are.

Dennis: could I have the California blush?

Hugo: yes, ma’am a half a carafe ora glass?

Dennis: just a half carafe, please

Hugo: right away

Eury: good evening, I’m your waitress. May I take your order?

Anny: we will somechicken wings. What do the specials come whit?

Eury: they come whit rice pilaf, your choice of soup or salad, and a roll.

Anny: What kind of soupdo you have?

Eury: clam chowder or French onion

Anny: ok, I will have crab cakes with clam chowder

Eury: certainly in one moment please.
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