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Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders, 2 involving different organs and tissues is lifelong and is characterized by increased levels of glucose blood. Itis caused by various conditions, including low production of the hormone insulin, secreted by cells of the pancreas, or by its improper use by the body, which will affectthe metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins
It is a chronic (lifelong) characterized by high levels of blood sugar


Insulin is a hormone producedby the pancreas to control blood sugar. Diabetes can be caused by too little insulin, resistance to it, or both.

To understand diabetes, it is important to firstunderstand the normal process by which food is broken down and used by the body for energy. A sugar called glucose, which is a source of energy for the body, enters thebloodstream.


People with diabetes have hyper glycemia, because:

• The pancreas does not produce enough insulin
• Muscles, fat and liver cells do not respondnormally to insulin
High levels of glucose can cause several problems, including:

• Blurred vision
• Excessive thirst
• Fatigue
• Frequent urination
• Hunger
• WeightLoss

The immediate objectives are to treat diabetic ketoacidosis and high blood glucose levels.
Due to the sudden onset and severity of symptoms in diabetes controlblood pressure and cholesterol.

• Careful self blood glucose levels
• Education
• Exercise
• Foot Care
• Meal planning and weight control
• Use of medications andinsulin
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There is no cure for diabetes. Treatment involves medicines, diet and exercise to control the level of blood sugar and prevent symptoms
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