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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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DIABETES…What to do Now

The selected item belongs to the magazine ‘readers Digest’ of the month of November. The article chosen is a report about the care that we must take to avoid contractingdiabetes. This article is entitled: Diabetes… What to do now.
Diabetes is a disorder that occurs in the body when the body can not use blood sugar. It occurs when the body tries to use blood sugar(glucose) for energy. Is a disease that could be prevented, in some cases, from healthy habits and behavior.
This article shows through recent findings from the prestigious doctor, Michael Dansinger,how important is the fact of reducing victims suffering from this disease called Diabetes, Which can shorten our lives for 15 years. Besides the care that we should have for a healthy life.
Inconclusion, this article shows how important it is to sleep, drink plenty of water, the act of not smoking, among others. In total, this article teaches us to be healthy in all different ways.

Mainimportant ideas of the article

- Studies this year have shown that 80 percent of people with diabetes who have gastric bypass end up with normal blood – sugar levels.

- Infants and preschoolers whosnooze less than 10 hours nightly are more likely to be overweight.

- Downing two 8- ounce glases before meals helped dieters lose weight in a recent study.

- If a woman smokes during pregnancy,her child may have fertility problems as an adult.

- Popping a multivitamin do not help of bettering their odds of beating the disease.

Opinion of the article

According to the statement inthe article, I think it's an article that makes us think and reflect on what we eat, drink and make or do for the welfare of our body. It makes us aware of how harmful it can be some of us habits andphrases that are spoken from generation to generation such as: “I will worry about my health when I am older”.

To sum up, this article shows us the importance that it is to take care of us, to...
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