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Place that makes me happy? I have to say Sinaloa, Mexico. This is the place I was race. When I was 1 year old my parents decided to take me to Mexico tolearn Spanish. I live there for eleven years. It was great the best place ever. Everything it was calm, kids get to play in the street or even go to thepark by them self. Where I use to live was a really small town near the ocean. My parents had 2 houses one by the ocean and another in the city. I lovedthe house by the ocean it was enormous, you can get lost. That was my favorite place because I got to be alone; when I felt sad or just had a bad day Icould just go and think about a solution. The house had a big garden where it was easy for any kid to have fun. I had the best childhood any kid would like.At the age of twelve I moved back to Phoenix, where I found out it was not as great as México. Every summer and Christmas I use to go back and spendtwo months enjoying my favorite place. I waited every summer to go spend my vacation to the place where I spend my happiest years of my life. This placehas so many happy memories that is even hard to think about a bad experience. My brother, sister, and I had many adventures in this house. We expend everyweekend in the house, just watching de beautiful view. I would like to go back and live there, have a family and have my kids enjoy this great place. Iwill recommend this place, because is good for people to have a place where they can just forget about everything. Just thinking about the good time.
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