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1. John and Lucy ____ students. a. am b. is c. are d. be 2. ____ a teacher? a. I’m b. Is they c. Are you d. You’re3. What time ____ ? a. is b. it is c.is it d.are they 4. My English class is ____ 11:40. a. in b. on c. at d. near5. My father’s brother is my____. a. aunt b. sister c. uncle d.father 6. ____ father is a doctor. a. Sandy’s b. Sandy cousin c.father’s Sandy d. Sandy 7. ____ threebathrooms in my house. a. They are b. It is c. There are d. There is 8. A:How can I get to the bank? B:_______ a. by bus b. in bus c. for bus d. on bus

9. Cesar ____ in the office on Sunday. a. works alwaysb. always works c.always work d.work always 10. My sister ____ very well. a. cook b.don’t cook c. isn’t cook d. doesn’t cook 11.The food in this restaurant is the ____ in the town. a. badestb.worse c. bader d.worst 12. The BMW cars are ____ than the NISSAN ones. a.expensive b. more expensive c.cheaper d.expensiver 13. Would you like ____ rice? a.little b. a lot c. a few d. to some 14. The computer is ____ the lamp and the books. a. between b. in c. under d.on15. My friends ____ the soccer match. a.watches b.are watching c.are watch d.watch 16.Xochitl ____ married next month in Venice. a.get b.getting c.is gettingd. going to get 17. A: Do you want to go to a party with me? B: Oh I’m sorry, but I ____. a.can’t b.can c.going to d.have to18. A: Would youlike to go out with me tonight? B: Oh I’m sorry. I ____ study. a.have to b.going to c.can d.can’t 19.Josephine ____ Greece last year....
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