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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2010
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To the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation and all Latin American and Caribbean National Movements.

Dear Friends:

The National Movement in Panama is at an important historical juncture. After a large and slow process of consultation and untiring conversations about the situation that surrounds our regional movement, having received opinions and sustentations from all levels of ourhuman and organizational components, YMCA Panama makes the following Statement with respect to the situation that we are living.

← For years, the ends and purposes that inspired those that preceded us in the YMCA Movement in our sub continent, which motivated the creation of a grand Regional Organization that represented us and served as catalyst to our work and effort in pro of a society ofJustice and equality has been deteriorating and weakening in such an accelerating manner, dragging down the structural and systematic content of the Confederation, towards the little games of personal interest and shadowy agendas about the themes that are of vital importance to our movement.

← Our Movement, based on a brotherly values and helping to fellow human beings, reflected in the lifeof Christ Jesus, attempts to go in search of those values of God’s Kingdom, through joint actions coordinated and organized by each and every YMCA in Latin American and Caribbean , sustained on the protagonist role of a supra national organization that enhances our potential possibilities of action; that will also be the legitimate representation of our voices and hopes; the convergence of ouropinions in unmuffled spaces in complete sentiment of equality and fraternity. This enunciation has lost force every since the Area Organization stopped being the representation of the majority, and became the latifundium of the interests of a small group, that uses it at the expense of the rest of the National Movements of our Region.

← In our days, after observing internal disputes at highlevel, the lack of a defined proposal concerning our Regional Agendas, the excessive waste of human and financial resources on trivial matters far from being builders of strong ties of hard work between our movements, the lack of absolute representation and legitimacy of the Confederation in regards to the National Movements supposedly represented in it and the management provided by ourConfederated authorities to matters of vital importance to the continuity of our Movements, the balance of the facts cast discouraging results that demand a well planned reaction in pro of the benefit of the YMCA Panama and of the Latin American and Caribbean YMCA Movement.

← The Panamanian YMCA Movement, inspired by our high values of understanding and tolerance has involved itself completely in theefforts directed at Uniting the Latin American and Caribbean sub continent as a whole in joint actions, participating actively in the CREATION OF A NEW REGIONAL ORGANISIM, which we will join with enthusiasm and renewed strength, provided by the energy of unity to which we have become involved with honesty and clarity regarding the movement of the Region. But in the midst of all these efforts ofimportant magnitude, it is evident that those in positions of power, worried about loosing their positions will oppose the surging participative and representative processes in the Area, in accordance with the needs of the National Movements represented.

← Recently, the attitude of the Confederation detracted the process in which it participated, evidently democratic and participative, like theone celebrated in Panama city last August (2001) made clear the lack of political willingness to listen to the voices of Thirty one (31) Regional Movements, that proposed a new organization for the area, strong and participative. This also left in evidence the lack of respect for the decisions reached in ample space of open participation, ignoring the value of all agreements achieved by...
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