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Andrés: Hi Karla !! How are you??

Karla: I’m tired…

Andrés: Really? Why?

Karla: I have been working all day

Andrés: What are you doing?

Karla: I’m organizing aschool trip to Pucon

Andrés: Ok. It’s very interesting

Karla: If you help me, I will be very happy

Andrés: Ja, ja, ja.. you should rest because is too much work for youKarla: I have walked around all the city, I’m very tired please help me!

Andrés: yes, yes, yes, when is the school trip?

Karla: The school trip is going to be next weekAndrés: mmm.. ok, what do you need?

Karla: I need to rent a camping site with cottages

Andrés: I understand, I’ll look up in the Internet, ok?

Karla: Yes, the campingshould be for 40 people approximately

Andrés: You are the coordinator aren’t you?

Karla: Yes, I am. Since april because my son is a student

Andrés: How many children andadults are going to travel?

Karla: 30 Children and 10 adults

Andrés: I have a friend and he has a Big Bus and it’s very confortable

Karla: I Gonder if you could callhim?

Andrés: Yes, no problem. If i call, i will know about the cost of the Big Bus

Karla: The cost is paid by the students

Andrés: Ok. What about food for the children,it’s ready?

Karla: They need food for 5 days, but it’s not ready yet

Andrés: You must buy the food because is very important

Karla: Yes, I know but my son Guillermo is sick,I haven’t had time

Andrés: I understand, you should look alter Guillermo it’s very impotant

Karla: Ok my friend, you have been very nice, thank you for all your helpAndrés: No problem, that’s what friends are for

Karla: You’re right, but thank you anyway

Andrés: Ok wellcome, good luck with you trip

Karla: Bye, bye!

Andrés: Bye!!
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