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Fig. View of the fuel rails (1 and 5), injectors (4) and fuel pressure regulator (3)-3.1L engine
1. Properly relieve the fuel system pressure, then disconnect the negative battery cable (if notdone already).
2. Remove the intake manifold plenum (upper intake manifold) as outlined in .
3. Unfasten the fuel pipe bracket bolt, then remove the fuel pipes at the rail.
4. Removethe fuel pressure regulator from the fuel rail.
5. Remove and discard the fuel feed and return pipe O-rings.
6. Detach the fuel injector electrical connectors.
NOTE Be careful when removingthe fuel rail assembly to avoid damage to the injector electrical connector terminals and spray tips. Prevent dirt and other debris from entering open lines and passages. Fittings should be capped andholes should be plugged during servicing.
1. If applicable, disconnect the coolant temperature sensor wiring.
2. Unfasten the fuel rail retaining bolts, then remove the rail assembly fromthe engine.
3. Remove and discard the injector O-ring seals from the spray tip end of each injector. With the O-rings removed, the O-ring backup may slip off the injector. Keep the backup forreuse during installation.
To install:
1. Make sure the backups are on the injectors, then lubricate new injector O-rings with clean engine oil and install on the spray tip of each injector.2. Install the fuel rail in the intake manifold. Tilt the assembly to install the injectors. Secure with the retaining bolts, then tighten the bolts to 7 ft. lbs. (10 Nm).
3. Attach the injectorelectrical connectors.
4. Put new O-rings on the fuel feed and return pipes, then install the pipes. Using a backup wrench on the fittings to prevent them from turning, tightening the fuel pipenuts to 13 ft. lbs. (17 Nm).
5. Install any remaining components.
6. Connect the negative battery cable, then tighten the fuel filler cap.
7. Turn the ignition to the ON position for...
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