Dialogo capitulo 4 y5 del libro the pearl

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The first thief (Chapter 4)

(Kino´s house . Enter neighbor in Kino's house , Kino be in the door and he see out , Juana is cooking corn-cakes , the doctor and the doctor´s servant coming towards Kino´s house)

Doctor:- Sorry , but in the morning I was not in my house when you sought me , but now I can help your baby .

Kino ( angry) :-The baby is nearly well now.

Doctor (smile) :-Allthe time when someone have a scorpion bite, the people think the patient will seem better but really the patient will suddenly get worse , it´s so dangerous , because if you won´t treat, the patient will be a bad leg or bad eye or bad back , and I can help your baby.

(Kino enters in him house , the doctor an the doctor´s servant following Kino)

Doctor ( to Juana) : Please, give me thebaby.

(Juana see Kino , and Kino see Juana .Juana give the baby to the Doctor, the Doctor see the baby´s eye)

Doctor:- The poison is inside him , the scorpion attacked your son , look! in the baby´s eye is blue.

(Kino see the baby)

Doctor: - I will give medicine to baby , that will attack the poison.

(Doctor give the baby to Kino , and the Doctor take a bottle of white medicine fromhim briefcase , He take the baby and open him (Coyotito) mouth and pushed the medicine in baby´s mouth , Coyotito drink the medicine and Doctor give the baby to Juana)

Doctor( to Kino) : I think I arrived in time to save the baby , em... the medicine will attack to poison in a hour.

(Doctor and Doctor´s servant go out)( Kino take the pearl from the box)

Kino´s neighbors - What do you dowith the pearl?

Kino :- I will change for money.

Kino´s neighbors:- The pearl is so beautiful , you and Juana will be rich , but you know why the Doctor come back? ,I know it.

Kino:- Yes my friend , I too Know.

(The neighbors go out)(Kino eat corn-cakes)

Juana ( loudly ):- Kino!

(Kino went to Juana)

Juana:- Look the Coyotito , him face is red!

Kino :- So the doctor knew!(Juana sing a little song of the family to baby)

(In Doctor´s house , Doctor eat a cake , and see the news)

Doctor:- Baby´s illness , I will go to see that baby.

(Doctor towards Kino´s house . In the Kino´s house with him servant, Doctor took baby)

Doctor:- The poison has worked , please give me a cup of water.

(Juana give the cup of the water to Doctor , Doctor put a medicinein the cup and give the baby.

Doctor:- I know about the poison of the scorpion , or...

(Doctor give the baby to Juana)

Doctor:- He will get well now , I have won the fight.

(Doctor close the him briefcase)

Doctor ( to Kino) :- When you pay me this bill?

Kino:- When I will sell my pearl.

Doctor:- Oh! you have a pearl? , I found a pearl of the world.

Kino´s neighbors :Kinohave the most beautiful pearl , Kino will be rich!

Doctor: Do you keep the pearl in a safe place? , Shall I keep for you?

Kino (Angry) : No! , It is a safe , tomorrow I will sell it and pay you.

( Doctor and Doctor´s servant and Kino´s neighbors go out)(Kino went to the door and hear a sound, Kino come back and search the pearl. Juana see the Kino´s eyes)

Juana:- Who do you feel?

Kino:- Everyone.

(Hear a sound , and Kino take out knife from the him clothes and jumped , Kino is injured .Kino run toward the door )

Juana ( with fear) :- Kino! Kino!

Kino:- I am all right ! , the things has gone.

(Kino go to the bed , Juana with a cloth in water and clan the blood from Kino´s head)

Kino (voice hard and cold) : It is nothing.

Juana (cry):- This thing is evil, thepearl will destroy us , let´s throw it back into the sea, my husband! . It will destroy us!

Kino:- No! , It´s our one piece of luck ,Coyotito will live better than we do, He will can go to the school.

Juana.- Destroy the pearl or that will destroy us!

Kino:- Be quiet! , tomorrow I will sell the pearl, and the evil will go , and we will be fine.

(Juana go to the bed )

(The next...
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