Dialogo de ingles con should y could

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Diana: My goodness, it's cold this morning.

Arthur: What do you expect when it's been snowing for two days? I know! Why don't we go skating on the pond? Itshould be frozen over by now.

Diana: I'd love to,but I should finish the housework first. Don't forget the Blaks are coming for dinner tonight.
Arthur: I shouldn'tworry so much about them, if I were you. She's a bore.
Diana: It's not her I'm worried about, but him. I should really start getting the dinner ready now.Arthur: Good heavens, Diana. Why should we wast the whole day just for them?

Diana: Well, after all, he could help you a lot in your job.

Arthur: I couldn't careless about my job. If I were promoted, we'd have to move up North and I'm not sure I could do the work properly. He'd expect me to work even harder than I do now.Diana: Well, all I know is that if we moved North, we'd be able to buy a bigger house because you'd get more money. You've got absolutely no ambition at all,that's your trouble.

Arthur: anyway, let's go skating this morning. Live for today, that's my motto.

Diana: I thought the car was in the garage for a check-up?Arthur. It is. But it should be ready by now. I could pop round in a second and pick it up.

Diana: Well, I don't want us to be tired for this evening, that'sall. I tell you what - you go skating by yourself. But, could you drop me at the supermarket first and pick me up again on your way back?

Arthur: But I'd like youcome too. We could do the shopping after.

Diana: all right then. But could you please drive slowly in this weather? I don't want us to finish up in a ditch.
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