Dialogo de ingles con wuld

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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Dialogo de ingles

A: Gerard??
B: Cesar are you??
A: yea man, do you remember me?
B: of course! You were the boyfriend of Amy.
A: yeah, I can’t believe that you remember me for that,after I broke up whit her in that way.
B: she already forgives you, thought…
A: it doesn’t matter, how are you?
B: I’m pretty find man, how is your life going?
A: mi life is going on theperfect way, actually I have a job
B: Really, that’s awesome! In what company are you working?
A: I’m working in Colgate Palmolive company, I am the one who supervise that the workers are doing wellthere jobs.
B: yes, you have to supervise if workers are working well on the company, if they aren’t working well, you should change them.
A: I don’t think in that way, if one of the workersare failing, you first should ask why he is failing before you change him.
B: man some day you should stop that. That could be dangerous for the company
A why?
B: because when a worker doesnot work and you leave him working in the company, the company can start losing money and customers
A: then give me some advice
B: I’m not clear how, but, if I were you I would revise theproblems and solve them quickly before the company starts losing money.
A: yeah men, your right, but firing people is not mi thing, I really try to help people whit their problems on the job.Anyway, do you already settle down?
B: I am thinking in that, i meet a woman that is driving me crazy! She is fabulous, probably; she is the girl that I am looking for.
A: I hope that the thingswork out whit her; you need a woman that makes you happy.
B: you are right men, anyway I have to go to the movies whit her, someday we should go out for some drinks whit the class of the 2010,you know.
A: ok, you have mi mail address; if you want you can send me an email and I try to go out whit you, thanks for the advice, I will think about it. Bye men.
B: bye men, see you later.
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