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Cucho: Hi, Michelle
Michelle: Hi, Chucho
Michelle: What is it?
Cucho:photo album
Michelle: Can you show me?
Cucho: If you look. I have a pictures and descriptions here
Michelle: So, Who is?
Cucho: Look. Is JustinBieber
Michelle: Justin Bieber is my favorite singer and this handsome.
Cucho: here it is, it Selena Gomez.
Michelle: Who?
Cucho: She is a singerand actress; she is very beautiful and intelligent.
Michelle: And that pretty girl?
Cucho: Is Emma Watson is very beautiful and is the same as thatin Harry Potter.
Michelle: Oh look how pretty.
Cucho: That is Perry the platypus is a male.
Michelle: Ok, tanks for show me.
Cucho: NothingCucho: Goodbye
Michelle: Bye


Who is Justin Bieber?
He is a Singer
What is the nationality of his?
Is an American
What he likes todo?
He likes to hang out with friends

Who is Selena Gomez?
She is a singer and actress

What is the nationality of her?
She is American buthas Mexican roots
What she likes to do?
She likes going to the movies, have fun and enjoy life

Who is Emma Watson?
She is actress
What isthe nationality of her?
She is American
What she likes to do?
She likes act and play volleyball

Who is Perry the platypus?
He is a maleplatypus
Where do you live and how they called their city?
He lives in Danville, USA
What it likes to do?
He likes being a secret agent (agent P)