Dialogo de ingles

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martha: hi jhon
jhon: hi martha
martha: where is dennis??
jhon: ho look she coming
dennis hi martha hi jhon what are you guys doing??
jhon: we where wating for you to go to themovie teather
dennis: ho great!! can my new friends go too??
martha: of course!! where are they??
dennis:they are nex to the music store wating for me
jhon: ok so lets go there
dennisok guys these are my friends eddy, marcus , briana,estela ,francis,and edgar they are all from europe and came here for just a month
martha :hi nice to meet you
francis : nice to meetyou too
estela: so what are we going to do tonight??
jhon : we have some plans and maybe you can go with us ?
marcus: go were?
denis: to the movie theater!!
eddy: great i lovemovies
martha: ok so lets go!!
----at the novie theater-----
saler: hi can i help you??
francis ho we want to see the latest movie of tom hanks
saler: ho ok go to the hall and to seethe schedule and come back to me to buy the tickets
eddy : ok thanks
martha: hooooooo look thats my friend ana and hre two sisters lest invite them to come to the movies with us!!jhon:ok
martha: hi ana
ana: hi martha i havent seen you for long time
martha: cuz i wasnt in the country but we can talk about that later now i want to invite you to come to the movieswhit my jhon dennis and my new friends
ana : wow thanks and me sisters elvira and dania can come too?
eddy: everybody can comom
ana:ok let me call them .... elviraaaaaaaaaaaaaaadaniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
elvira: ok we are coming
dania: what hapend?
ana : these are my friends and they are inviting me to the movie teather ...do you guys want to go too?/
elvira: hooo thanksof course
dania : lets to the movies
saler#2: hi can i help you?
jhon: ok we want 16 tickets for this movie
saler@; ok enjoy the movie
dennis : guys comom the movie is just staring
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