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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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Lia: …
Adri: …
Dani: …
Chery: …
Lia: did you know that the trees are disappearing?
Adri: Really, I didn’t know!
Dani: Are you?!Chery: I think so…
Chery: The animals are disappearing too, would you like to join me on a organization that helps the places where they live and theenvironment…
Lia: sure why not!
Adri: I don’t know I don’t really like animals and the grass and stuff… the animals are boring.
Chery: oh come on, youhave to come we are going to be a good help…
Dani: Oh, you really have to join this movement for the animals that are in danger and the environmentthat is deteriorating...
Adri: I’m more interested in shopping… but I can help you this time.
Lia: well I’m fond of helping the poor animals thatcan’t speak for them self’s and help clean the environment.
Dani: I agree with you, we should help the environment and the animals.
Chery: well I’mleaving, are you coming or not?
Dani: I’m coming with you, you should come Adriana, and we can contribute with the cause.
Lia: well I’m leaving to.Let’s go you guys.
Adri: Let’s go I would like to learn more about animals and their surroundings.
Lia: I told my mom about the organization and shewants to help, she is waiting for us in the beach.
Dani: Well I’m going with you.
Chery: I’m going with you too. Are you coming Adriana?
Adri:yes, let’s go.

-And so they went and helped save the environment and the animals. The world with their help will be a better place.

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