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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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* Well, in the last class we talking about Pride and Prejudice, and Today. ¿What we going to talking about?
* We going to talking about another book. The host.
* (interrumpe, trata de hablaren susurro) Can you shut up? I didn´t read the book.
* Nobody suppose that… ( sonríe con son de burla)
* Well, I read it… and I really like it.
* I like hear that. So tell me ¿Who is youfavorite character?
* I really like Wanda.
* Well, this novel combines the real with the fiction science and gives an explosion to emotion and an ethics class. We can see two characters inone body, that make it intense and unseen before. But the most shocking is how Wanda connects with the human been… (interrumpe) xxx, Pay attention.
* I ´m pay attention (Se arregla de Nuevo en supuesto)
* No, you are not… well, ¿Who can tell me who’s the principal characters?
* In this novel we have two characters in one body, Wanda and Melanie. Another imports characters are Jaredand Ian.
* ¿Who is the writer of the novel?
* Stephenie Meyer.
* Who can tell me another book wrote for Miss Meyer? Raul, this is very easy.
* (hacer gesto de esfuerzo)I… I don’t likeread books… I prefer see the movies.
* It´s ok… well. I go help you… Is a vampire and is in love with a stupid human.
* I don´t know.
* She wrote the Twilight Saga, and the principalcharacters are Edward Cullen and Bella Swan…
* Really good, well, the class Is over… Take a break. Can out… and please, somebody Bring a help to xxx… he need it.
* Good bye teacher.
* Good byeguys.

Dialogo en español

* Bueno, en la clase anterior hablamos de orgullo y prejuicio, y hoy. ¿De que vamos a hablar?
* Vamos a hablar de otro libro. La huésped* ¿Puedes callarte? Yo no he leído el libro.
* Nadie supone eso.
* Bueno, lo leí, y realmente me gusto.
* Me gusta oír eso, ¿Cuál es su personaje preferido?
* Realmente me...
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