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Sick person: good morning Doctor: Good morning misters how are you Sick person: I am bad could you examine Doctor: clear come in take a seat Sick person: thank you doctor Doctor: what symptoms are Sick person: I have headaches, fever, I also have diarrhea and I have flu. This happens to me for one week. Doctor: sit here to examine you Doctor: I cannot advance him anything because I need to makeyou a blood test Sick person: good doctor you tell me, when I can come Doctor: I need a sample of blood to examine it then come back next week Sick person: well doctor see you later. Sick person: hello doctor Doctor: good morning. Sick person: The diarrhea is the only thing l spend but I even have other symptoms Doctor: good I have the results Sick person: very well doctor tell me. Doctor: take iteasy. Sick person: is ok doctor tells me Doctor: you are AIDS positive Sick person: what? Is it a joke doctor? Doctor: If you don t believe me you see the results. Sick person: this cannot be happening to me. Doctor: but what shows the results. Doctor: it was not my intention to hurt him but I had to do it Mother: hello son Sick person: good afternoon mother Mother: what does it happen? Why areyou sad Sick person: I had a bad day, now I want to be alone Dad: is anybody at home Mother: how was the work today? Dad: today I was a little tired, because I had to make a step. And Danny where is he? Mother: he is in his room, it is strange. Can you go to his room to encourage him? (Telephone)... Friend: hello who is? Sick person: I am Danny; I need to talk to you Friend: sure I listen to you.What does It happen? Sick person: I it is something hard for me. Friend: what does it happen? Sick person: I have AlDS. Friend: jaja...you have good sense of humor Sick person: no it s true Friend: is this serious? Sick person: yes today I received the news Friend: dis you commented it to your parents? Sick person: I don't want they to suffer Friend: and does your girlfriend know it? Sick person:now you the only one that knows this. Friend: and how do you plan to say them? Sick person: I need your support Friend: sure how can I help you? Sick person: please don t say any thing Friend: it is ok Sick person: thank you for your understanding Sick person: I cannot believe. I want to die. Mother: Danny the food is ready, why don t you come? Sick person: I have to be calm. My parents should notsuspect Sick person: hello doctor Doctor: hello! How are you? Sick person: I come here because I don t know what to do Doctor: I understand your situation. How do you feel? Sick person: I want dying. This situation is very hard

Doctor: surely nobody knows about your situation. Sick person: I don t feel to do it do Doctor: I understand you, but you have to make what I say Sick person: ok I willdo it Doctor: you have to take a good election. Sick person: ok doctor. See you later Doctor: see you later Girlfriend: hello my love how are you Sick person: a little bad and you Girlfriend: lam very well can you why are you sad Girlfriend: I will be direct Girlfriend: what does it happen? Sick person: about an illness that I have. Girlfriend: what do you say? Sick person: I have AlDS.Girlfriend: what? Is it true? Sick person: yes it is true Girlfriend: from when? Sick person: recently | know it. Girlfriend: why do you make me this? Sick person: apologize. I hope that some day you understand me. Girlfriend: I will never forgive you (Telephone) Friend: hello Danny. I am Charlie. How have you been? Sick person: oh Charlie Is complicated to take this illness Friend: have you told her yet?Sick person: yes Friend: how did she take it? Sick person: she told me that she will never forgive me. Friend: and how did your parents take it? Sick person: they don t know it yet. Friend: Danny say them now. Because it will be late. Sick person: ok Charlie tonight I tell them but I need you to be there. I wait for you. Friend: I will be there Sick person: l open, l open, l open Friend: weII...
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