Dialogo dos personas

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E: Hello, how are you?Noky

N: Oh, good morning Eve Fine, thanks. And you?

E: I’m fine, thanks….Noky how often do you go to the movies?

N:well, one or twice a month. forexample this month I went to see Scream 4

E: good … With who did you go to cinema?

N: I went the cinema with my friends… an you how often do you go to the movies?

E:hardly ever, because is very expensive… this is the problem

N: Yes, I how… what do you do in your free times?

E: meet my friends and boyfriend. How about you?

N: I go to theparty with my friends and in the occasions sometimes I study.

E: ajaja never that is… How do you get to parties? I mean, do you get to parties in the car ?

N:Yes, I do. Iget to parties by car

E: cool! Noky…Do you like your neighborhood?

N:Well, yes because there's a park very beautiful, where I go with my friends …
and you?

E: Yes , Ilike my neighborhood because is very quiet, in your neighborhood have a cinema?

N:yes, there if… what time the next class begins?

E:mmm…i don't now! what time will?

N:seems,it's ten to nine

E:uff...I’d like an soda! go before class begins?

N: yes let's go! Could I see that watch?

E:yes, my boyfriend gave it to me, It is beautiful

N: yes ,It’s nice! Eve what is the name your new cat ?

E:jaja your name is ‘’Pandora’’!

N: ‘’Pandora’’Hmm Nice name. And how old is it ?

E:mm.. one month about… And how old isChito?

N: Chito have two years

E:jajjaa! is very young… come with me to get identity card in the afternoon

N: How long does it take?

E: It takes about an hour and a half.N: I can not because I take the bus to the output class

E: is too late noky! Let’s go to class

N: ooo.. yes! Lest’s go

E: we will reprove

N: yes , Let us hurry
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