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  • Publicado : 15 de mayo de 2011
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Fabian: doctor
Daniela: nurse
Me: plumber
Fabian: honey, please come to the bathroom. Right now! Urgent!
Daniela: tell me!
Fabian: I can’t wash my handsbecause the sink is broken. I think we should call the plumber to help us with this. Really?
Daniela: off course! Right now i will call the plumber to come here soon.
(Daniela fined the number in her phone and calls the plumber).
Daniela: hi! Andres the plumber?
Me: yes, I am. Tell me that I can help you?
Daniela: I havea problem in my bathroom the sink is broken and the people in my house can’t wash our hands. Please Mr. Andres help us.
Me: Oh, sure! In five minute I ‘m in your house.
Daniela:thank very much Mr. Andres. Bye!
Me: bye!
(The plumber comes home and knocks on the door).
Fabian: hi Andres. Go inside. Nice to meet you I am Fabian a doctor and my wifeDaniela she is a nurse.
Me: nice to meet you too. So tell me what is the problem in your bathroom?
Fabian: the problem are the pipes, I don’t know maybethe pipes are clogged.
Daniela: yes we think that.
Me: ok you let me see the problem
Fabian: ok follow me
Me: I find the problem you are right. The problems are the pipes but give a minute andI fix that.
Daniela: Mr. Andres tell me why are you a plumber?
Me: because my father taught me this and I like it and you miss Daniela?
Daniela: because me and my husbandlove to help people with health problems.
Fabian: we love that. It´s our life.
Me: wonderful! It’s very well for everybody. Ok I finished.
Fabian: great! Thank you Mr.Andres for that. how much money is it?
Me: just 50 dollars Mr. Fabian
Fabian: ok take and thank for you time
Me. sees you in another day. bye!
Daniela and Fabian: bye!
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