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Dialogue n º 1

• Patty: Good morning sir! Do you have your passport?
• Claudio: Oh! Yes, here it is.
• Patty: Sir, What is your name?
• Claudio: My name is Claudio Gomez.
• Patty:That’s right! Everything is ready. So, have a nice trip.
• Claudio: Thank you very much!
• Claudio: Excuse me, what time does the flight two six four to Santiago take off?
• Patty: Your flightleaves at 10 o’clock.
• Claudio: How many hours does the trip last?
• Patty: Your flight takes three hours with half- hour stopover in Puerto Montt.
• Claudio: Ok! Thank you very much!
•Patty: You’re welcome! Thank you for travelling with us.

Dialogue nº 2

• Cristian: Hi! Good Morning, lady.
• Patty: Good Morning sir! Can I help you?
• Cristian: Where do I go to look formy lost luggage?.
• Patty: Please, go to the front office.
• Cristian: ok! Is it the one next to the cafeteria?
• Patty: That’s right sir. Good bye!
• Cristian: Bye! Thank you for yourhelp.

Dialogue nº 3

• Cristian: Good morning! I lost my luggage.
• Ramón: ok! Let´s see. Wait a minute, please.
• Ramón: Is it this one?
• Cristian: No, it is not.
• Ramón: What is yourluggage look like?
• Cristian: My suitcase is very large and black.
• Ramón: So, is it this one?
• Cristian: Yeah, that one. Thank you!
• Ramón: May you sign here, Please? Write your name onthe line.
• Cristian: ok!
• Ramón : and what is your address?
• Cristian: My address is………..
• Cristian: bye, Sorry for the inconvenience.
• Ramón : bye. It is ok! Don’t worry.


• Alan: Good morning Miss
• Patty: Good morning sir. Can I help you?
• Alan: I want to buy a ticket to Viña del mar.
• Patty: Ok ... let’s see. There is a flight in four hours.
• Alan:Good...and how long does the flight last? Does it have a scale?
• Patty: There is one direct flight, but it is more expensive.
• Alan: Cool. I want to buy that one.
• Patty: How do you pay?...
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