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NARRATOR: New Spain enjoyed incredible growth and prospetiry which place it in one of the richiest countries in the world. In this time was born an intellectual movementcalled criollismo this movement emphasized the values, including: our history and our culture.

When the king of Spain heard about the surge, he ordered all the school closed because he didn't want toshare the ideas of the natives.

So, in the City of Querétaro a group of supporters of independence, began meeting under the guise of cultivating the fine arts, called their meetings "LiteraryMeetings". They spoke of following invasion of Spain by Napoleon Bonaparte, France would become the owner of Mexico. Those who hasten independence plans.

That afternoon they made a "literary meeting"attended by Father Hidalgo, the Captains Allende, Aldama and Arias, Doña Josefa Ortiz and her husband the mayor of Queretaro, Don Miguel Domínguez ...

HIDALGO: Ok sr. Allende... i'm heard about theinterest of Napoleon to take over our country.

ALLENDE: We can't allow!!

JOSEFA ORTIZ: We should get more people to realice this movement, we can't allow this outrage!!

HIDALGO: The freespirit of the sons of this land will break the chains that keep people like slaves!. We must hurry ...we will start the fight!

MIGUEL DOMINGUEZ: We should set a day right now!

HIDALGO: Thesituation is in our favor, although we don't want the domain of France, the invasion weakened to Spain, and therefore there is no legitimate authority over American colonies. In addition, each day I findmore people who are willing to fight for our cause, the desire for freedom is widespread, and since none can stop this movement, dont wait any more!

ALLENDE: Our people come from different socialclasses... propose as head to head this fight, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla because his reputation is well known.

NARRATOR: Don Miguel Hidalgo would also be the leader of the rebellion. Meanwhile...
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